Works of Glass
114 Duff Ave.
Ames, Iowa

Custom Designs

Works of Glass

114 Duff Ave. Ames, Iowa

Monday thu Friday 9-5:30 Saturday 9-3 Sunday by Chance or Appointment

Custom Windows

• Base Cost $150 per square foot (take length measurement times width measurement and divide by 144 to find out square footage). Price may go up depending on level of difficulty.

• Search our pattern books to find a pattern that you would like. We have many to pick from. You are welcome to sit down in our “Library” and look at the many pattern books. You are sure to find a pattern that we will turn into a piece of stained glass art for you
which will be enjoyed for many years in your home!

• $30+tax pattern fee due before pattern work is done.

We need your exact measurements to do this. Some adjustments can be made to the pattern, but if too many changes are required then there will be another $30+tax

• Your choice of glass. Stock bevels do not add to the price but a custom made bevel would.

• Your choice of lead or copper foil. (Pattern may dictate which method can be used). Larger windows are done in lead for strength.

• 40% down to start the actual fabrication of the project.

• Final cleanup fee up to $75.00. This is something that you can do yourself and we would be happy to explain to you how it is done.

Measuring for Your Custom Window

It is very important that Works of Glass have precise measurements when we construct your custom window. Check your measuring instrument for damage to the end and it must be calibrated to zero at the end.

**Then subtract an1/8 of an inch off of length and height.  This will allow for expansion and contraction of your window.

**Please tell us if you plan on having us get your window encapsulated as this will change the measurement. This will be an added charge to your piece of art.

The following instructions will ensure the best fit possible.